Civil Funerals

What kind of funeral do you want?

When someone dies, family and close friends often face dozens of decisions about the funeral. Should it be a burial or cremation?  What are the legal requirements? Who should conduct the ceremony? Where should it be held?  All these questions are obviously important but at a time when emotional stress is high, it is easy to forget perhaps the most important question of all – what kind of funeral do you really want?

Every family is different and not everyone wants the same type of funeral.  Your choice may be influenced by religious and cultural traditions, or by cost and personal preferences, or by the express wishes of the person who has died.  Whilst many people in the UK still choose a ‘traditional’ religious funeral service, an increasing number are finding that a Civil Funeral ceremony is a more appropriate choice for them to make. can arrange such a ceremony  Please contact us on 0800 0327 260.

What is a Civil Funeral ceremony?

A Civil Funeral ceremony is, above all, a ceremony that reflects the wishes of the family and is focused on celebrating and/or reflecting the life of the person.  It is both a dignified tribute and a highly personal memoir, created by a professional Celebrant in consultation with the family or executor.

Where can a Civil Funeral be held?

A civil funeral can even take place in your own home or garden at the village hall or golf club.  The ceremony is appropriate for either a cremation, burial at any non religious burial ground or a burial at a woodland burial site.

Who conducts a Civil Funeral ceremony?

The person conducting the ceremony will be a fully trained professional Funeral Celebrant.  They will be a member of the Institute of Civil Funerals, a professional body established to train, assess and qualify Civil Funeral Celebrants throughout the UK.  There are guaranteed standards for the service you will receive, underpinned by a Code of Practice and the Continuing Professional Development of celebrants.

Every family is different and not everyone wants the same type of funeral.  A Civil Funeral ceremony can therefore provide an opportunity to create, with the help and support of a professional Celebrant, the most appropriate and meaningful ceremony for this final act of love and respect.

How is a Civil Funeral ceremony created?

Your Civil Funeral Celebrant will create a comprehensive ceremony that meets your wishes and requirements.  There may be members of your family or friends who would like to speak at the ceremony, the Celebrant will talk to those who are participating and make sure that the ceremony is well organised. The Celebrant will also liaise with your Funeral director and the staff at the Crematorium about all aspects of the ceremony.

Music can play a very important part in a Civil Funeral ceremony and you can include any pieces of music that you feel are particularly appropriate for the ceremony.  Families often choose to include additional pieces of poetry or readings that had a special significance for the deceased.  You can also include religious items such as a hymn or prayer if you wish. It is very important that you are satisfied with the accuracy of the ceremony content, so you will have the opportunity to check the ceremony text before the ceremony takes place, to see that all details are correct.  The Celebrant always delivers the ceremony from a script, and you will be offered a copy of the script to keep afterwards.  You can be assured that a full and meaningful ceremony is created that is unique and celebrates and /or reflects the life of the deceased.

How can I arrange a Civil Funeral ceremony?

Please contact us on 0800 0327 260.  Your Funeral Director or a relative or a friend may make the call if you wish.  We will arrange for a Civil Funeral Celebrant to contact you as soon as possible who will arrange to meet you. This meeting can be at your home or you can make other arrangements to meet.  At this first meeting all the available options to you will be discussed and explained.  You will also be asked to provide as much information as possible about the deceased.  You may feel it helps to have another member of the family or a close friend with you at this time.  Following the meeting, the Funeral Celebrant will create a ceremony that reflects your wishes.

Memorial Services. Funerals often have to be arranged in a short space of time. A memorial or thanksgiving service however can provide a perfect opportunity to remember and celebrate the different facets of a person's life. And, there is more time to prepare…   If you would like to talk to us about arranging a memorial service then please contact us on 0800 0327 260
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