Memorial Diamonds

A certified high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life.

LifeGem* offers you the choice of creating beautiful diamonds from either

  • The Ashes (a maximum of 200 grams is required about 10% of the Ashes)
  • A lock of hair (2 grams of hair is required, literally a lock)
  • Multiple sets of ashes or hair in any combination

You can also include a lock of your own hair, with either a lock of your loved one’s hair, or a small percentage of the Ashes of the deceased.

Thus a LifeGem diamond is created from the carbon of each of you

Truly together forever, with a LifeGem you will never be apart again.

Your carbon will be locked together in the form of a beautiful LifeGem diamond for eternity, it can be passed on to future generations if you so choose.

Both ashes and hair contain the building blocks of life itself.  Your carbon is used to create your unique LifeGem Memorial Diamond.

Your LifeGem diamond will be laser engraved with your unique 16 digit ID number and you will be given a certificate of authenticity. 

For more information and to discuss your requirements please email your details to or call us on Freephone No.  0800 0327 260

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