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People live in the 21st century and die in the 19th century.  But it doesn’t need to be that way. is a funeral company with a difference.  Not only can you pre plan your funeral and your ceremony to reflect the person that you are, but you can also organize your final wishes and if you choose to, GO OUT WITH A BANG!

More and more people are becoming aware of the many wonderful ways in which a person and their life can be celebrated.  Through attending the services of a civil minister they are witnessing, first hand, these very personal and bespoke ceremonies at the crematorium and realizing that they don’t have to be religious or stuffy.  It truly can be a completely personal ceremony that has taken account of your wishes and the wishes of the family and friends.

More and more people are requesting to play their own choice of music, which can be anything from classical to modern, rock to folk music or even live musicians. 

The family can truly participate in the ceremony by lighting candles, standing up and reading poems or relating their memories of the person who has died.  Even releasing balloons, butterflies or doves at the grave side. 

Ceremonies don’t need to take place in a chapel or crematorium, they can be held in your own home, in your garden or in a woodland setting. 

With more and more families realizing that they have a choice and an input into the ceremony it is reflecting a change in the way that people view death.  More of us now see it as a part of life, not something to be feared.  Life can be celebrated in any way people see fit.  All of which means a growing diversity in the types of funerals requested. 

Ashes don’t just have to be scattered, they can be part of a spectacular firework display at a memorial service, they can be shot out of a rocket, put into outer space, sprinkled over the seven wonders of the world or scattered from a hot air balloon, to name just a few of the alternatives. 

Not many people are aware that their loved ones ashes can be made into diamonds, or a glass pendant to be worn.  A beautiful vase can be made or a glass sculpture. 

Our job is to inform people of all the amazing products that are available to them to help keep their loved ones memories alive is a member of the Institute of Civil Funerals, the National Association of Funeral Directors and The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.

Just contact us and we will help you to pre plan your final party.

Glad That I Live Am I

Glad that I live am I, that the sky is blue. Glad for the country lanes and the fall of dew.  After the sun the rain,  after the rain the sun.   This is the way of life ‘til the work is done.  All that we need to do, be we low or high,  Is to see that we grow Nearer the sky.


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