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Is the Plan for Yourself?:

F2DIE4™ Funeral Plans pre-paid at today’s prices

You’re never too young to pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral expenses

"Thousands of people have now woken up to the fact that they can not only pre-plan their funerals, but also pre-pay their own funeral expenses – now – and at today’s prices, beating the soaring cost of funerals"

A F2DIE4™ Funeral Plan is a secure way to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral:

  • This is not an insurance policy
  • No health check is required
  • No personal questions need to be asked
  • Anyone can take out a F2DIE4™ plan and at any age
  • Available throughout the UK

F2DIE4™ are partners with Golden Leaves Limited who have been at the forefront of Pre-paid Funeral Planning since 1984.  Golden Leaves is a founder member of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans and is a registered provider with the Funeral Planning Authority which monitors the marketing, financial and service provisions of the Plan providers it regulates.

Security of Funds

Funds for your funeral are held securely in an independently managed Trust. Merrill Lynch and Citigroup Quilter are tasked to manage stable long term growth, specifically to cover the increasing cost of funeral services.

Your chosen plan is secured

You choose from a selection of suggested plans and can tailor your choice to suit specific
needs. The details are then secured until they are ultimately required and your wishes are
respected with care and dignity.

Funeral arrangements shouldn't be the last thing on your mind

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance saves your family the anguish and grief of doing anything other than remembering you.  Pre-planning gives you and your family peace of mind .

Pre-paying now will save you, your family or your estate a great deal of money. Bought now at today’s prices, the Funeral Director’s costs are guaranteed no matter when it is needed or how much the costs of a funeral have risen in the mean time.

Sharing the intimate details of your preferred funeral service 5, 10 or 15 years ahead of its time can be quite a difficult concept to consider. If you write it down, who will you entrust the paper to? If you tell your partner, sons or daughters, how will they remember and plan your every wish in their time of sadness? Only you can advise sensibly on such individual requirements .

Why Pay Now?

The cost of funerals has historically increased above the normal levels of inflation and this is a theme that is predicted to continue. A funeral costing just £850 ten years ago, would cost nearer £2,500 now. It is impossible to say what that cost might be in five or ten more years time.

What is certain is, with a F2DIE4™ Funeral Plan, bought now at today’s prices or paid for in convenient monthly instalments, the quality of the service provided by the Funeral Director in respect of your planned wishes will not cost your family one penny more – whenever it is ultimately needed.

There are some costs outside of the Funeral Director’s control, which they pay on your behalf - these are known as Disbursements and include fees such as; Doctors, Ministers, Crematoria, Cemeteries and Graveyards, Memorials and Newspaper notices. Any rise in the cost of these Disbursements may necessitate a further payment from you at the time of need.

Choosing your Plan

You decide.

You decide what’s right for you. Burial or Cremation, which Funeral director to use; whether to include a church service or go straight to the cemetery or crematorium chapel; which minister or Civil celebrant should officiate if any; you can even choose the music., poetry and readings.  Or perhaps you have an environmental requirement such as woodland burial for instance? 

You can also specify the final resting place of your ashes after cremation, whether you want them to be buried or scattered or maybe you would like to have them made into a diamond, a pendant or a beautiful sculptured vase.  You can also have your ashes incorporated into a magnificent firework display.   F2DIE4 can advise you on the many choices available to you.

Make the choices that suit you.

Making changes.

You shouldn’t worry about taking the decision to make your plans now, we know that circumstances change with the years so are happy to take direction from you should you wish to make changes to your initial Plan. Although certain additions may increase the cost, you can be certain that the details you want will be respected in the service you get.


F2DIE4™ includes a contribution for disbursements toward burial or cremation. Should this contribution not be sufficient for your particular plan your funeral director or F2DIE4™ will advise you of the difference in cost and this can be added to your plan. The cost of graves and their availability, vary enormously from one part of the country to another, so it is impossible to create a standard tariff for burial.

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